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New music

Zen Mantra: “La La La La La”

Zen Mantra is the latest artist to enrol into Australasia's kaleidoscopic scene.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

A couple years ago the only interesting thing about Australia was the fact that it had kangaroos and every so often the guy from The Vines would break down on national TV, whelping like a beached sea lion. Apart from Wolfmother, the music scene felt kind of lacking. Jet CDs were being sold in UK Asdas for cut-price £3 bargains. Neighbouring New Zealanders, Crowded House, were only good for weddings and conclusion scenes in teen films.


Thankfully, someone out there discovered drugs. Or, rather, they borrowed a load of their dad's psychedelic records. Now, fronted by Tame Impala, the lo-fi, kaleidoscopic scene out in Australasia is booming. Zen Mantra, the project of 17-year-old bedroom producer, Sam Perry, is the latest enrollment into the continents already stella alumni.

"La La La La La" sounds like the jet-setting cousin to the UK's Gross Magic, as low fidelity and distorted guitars wash up alongside an increasingly enchanting hum-a-long mantra.