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You Need to Hear This

Weekly Drop: The Week Andre 3000 Updated 'The Sound Of Music' And It Ruled.

Instead of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, it's Nutella and listening to Bitches Brew as recorded by Miles Davis. Plus Angel Haze, Jacques Greene and Quadron.

No Bueno - Angel Haze

After months spent sending ratchet diss tracks to Azealia Banks and dropping flows about her messed-up past, this is a pretty easy-going number for Haze: just some relaxed chat about driving other MCs to suicide because she's so much better than them over a trap beat that could knock out Khan. If this is her "going commercial" then she can have our £7.99 right now.

On Your Side - Jacques Greene & How To Dress Well


Going beyond the 640x480 constraints of the YouTube player, Greene's new video, only viewable on his website, sees multiple rectangles of found footage and abstract imagery overlapping and interplaying. It's pretty cool, but only because the song is full of break-your-heart gospel and HTDW's tortured vocal.

Farrah Fawcett Hair - Capital Cities ft. Andre 3000

It was just the other day we were saying that Andre 3000 only does features instead of releasing proper music these days. Normally, he's phoning it in, but then is something special. A NPR style voiceover, electric jitters and huge gospel choirs create a modern-day "My Favourite Things". But instead of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, it's Nutella and listening to "Bitches Brew" as recorded by Miles Davis. Then comes Andre's incredible sung verse, which includes "girls with old school names like Ruby Mae" and "kids with big glasses that laugh when they run". To that list, we'd like to add this song.

Neverland - Quadron

Quadron have been keeping a low profile for a while, poking their heads up every now and then like some form of electro-soul meerkat. This year their appearances are set to become more frequent. A few months ago Tyler let their lead singer Coco loose in the musical playground of


. Now over the weekend they dropped "Neverland", with satin-soft verses that remind me of having too much time to myself in my garden in Spring. A full album is due later in the year.

Noirse (Deptford Goth remix) - Petite Noir

"Giiiiiiiiiirl" wails Petite Noir on his latest track,"Noirse". Something in that glottal outcry obviously spoke to Deptford Goth a hell of a lot because this new remix is hooked around it. It's pretty rad and submerged in 50 feet of reverb.