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JME Pars Ash Ketchum, Creates World's First Swegway Dance Troupe In Two Brand New Videos

All you really need to merk someone is a Charizard, a Machamp and a Snorlax

Good luck trying to second guess when JME's about to release new music. Last night London's most committed grime vegan dropped two new videos just because.

The first video, "Test Me", features JME and cruising on swegways (I think Americans call them hoverboards, even though they don't hover they have wheels) in impressive acrobatic formations. JME apparently amassed a small fortune importing the boards to the UK earlier this year and selling them via his Twitter account so he's clearly had some time to practice, still his skills on the board are very impressive, especially for anyone who has tried to go on one and fallen off straight away.

The best thing about the track is the second verse, which lays into people who want a picture with JME but don't have any of his songs on their phone: "Don't try and take me for a Jpeg, unless you got me on the MP3 just say wagwan when you see me."

The other video is called "The Very Best" in which he brags about his Pokemon pedigree - or as he puts it "I will drapes all your HP… trust me cuz one by one I will make all six of them whitey". In it, he basically pars Ash Ketchum, saying that he catches them all but only JME catches the very best, which is so true, because, like, Pikachu is a fucking shit Pokemon - no one actually has him as one of their six. Ash is out here like the bloody Greenpeace of Pokemon, catching anything that moves in the grass, when all you really need to merk someone is a Charizard, a Machamp and a Snorlax. Coming so soon after the Dragonball Z mixtape though, we think this could be a new trend for rap. Looking forward to Young Thug's Digimon EP.