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Sign Up for Ja Rule's Credit Card, Which Is Definitely Not a Pyramid Scheme, Today

Always be on time paying off your new Ja Rule credit card.

Hey, you! Millenial! Stop taking selfies and check out this totally legit and on the level credit card from Ja Rule in glasses and some random white guy. The video is pretty incredible; it starts with the news anchor asking Ja a really vague question about where the affluent and the poor tie into the credit card, and he starts yammering about hip-hop. But the best part is how totally shady this whole venture seems. As the anchor explains, "you load a regular credit card into this black card, pay a yearly fee and you get privleges." And then the CEO guy goes into one of the benefits being "it creates a community, and creates a lot of networking opprotunities." What this probably is going to look like is the company conning its members into "networking" with their friends to get them to pay the 250 dollar fee a year to keep the cycle growing. In addition, there's also brand interaction! Truly the two things a millennial loves, brands and networking.


Watch these two bumble through explaining the card below, and let's pray SMS Audio doesn't get into multinational finance. For the record, Ja Rule also endorsed Hillary for president. "I'm a Democrat." Nice!