We Are Redesigning Our Magazine in 2016


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We Are Redesigning Our Magazine in 2016

Stay tuned for the big changes coming to VICE magazine next year.
Ellis Jones
London, GB

Dear readers,

It's hard to believe it's been 21 years since VICE first launched as a small punk magazine in Montreal. In the past two decades, we've grown from just three guys making a zine to a global media network operating out of 30 countries. As of next year we'll even have our own cable channel: VICELAND.

But the magazine has always been the heart of VICE. It remains the home of the most in-depth and thoughtful work on the most important topics the company covers. I think we ship out a great issue each month, but there's always room for growth, right? Which is why we've decided to do a global redesign of the magazine—coinciding with the company's 21st anniversary.


So what will change? While we will continue to collaborate with some of the best writers and artists out there, bringing you the long-form features, ground-breaking photography, and captivating fiction VICE has become known for, we'll use this opportunity to usher in a big increase in cultural coverage as well as new voices and columnists examining sex, finance, and much more.

Our digital channels will also become increasingly involved, with space carved out for them to discuss the latest in music, science, technology, women's issues, and more. Finally, we'll overhaul the magazine's overall look and feel.

I'm really excited for the chance to build on what VICE has become and make the magazine even better.

This means we'll take a brief hiatus this January and February so that we can focus our attention and resources on the redesign. We'll debut the new issue in March 2016.

I feel lucky that we have such a loyal fan base, and I can't wait to reveal the final product.

Thanks for your patience!

Ellis Jones, editor-in-chief