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This Ice Cream Ad Is Urging People Not to Send Dick Pics

When ice creams send dick pics, they're called "stick pics."
Photo via Facebook.

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Bubble O' Bill and Splice are the Jim and Pam of Australian ice cream characters.

He is a cowboy hat-wearing, swirl of chocolate, strawberry, and caramel ice cream, with a nose made of bubblegum. She is a refreshing mix of fruit and vanilla. Both are supported by wooden popsicle sticks and provide happiness and refreshment to millions of Australian kids.


Seems like a perfect fit, right? So why don't Bill and Splice just hook up already?

Other than the fact that any intimacy would probably lead to Bill and Splice melting away into oblivion, Bill is just a good guy and a gentleman who won't send Splice dick stick pics in a clumsy attempt to seduce her.

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At least that's the gist of a new ad campaign from Australian Streets Ice Cream, which is apparently trying to make inroads with Millennial consumers by making references to sexting and internet memes.

As fate would have it, Bill the ice cream cowboy has the same given name as Bill the stick figure of "Be like Bill" fame. Be like Bill is the catchphrase of a recent meme which passive aggressively advises people on how to properly behave in social media and IRL when confronted with socially awkward situations.

And if there's one place where etiquette, social media, and IRL collide it's the dick pic—or, if you have popsicle stick appendages—the "stick pic."

The ad is just a short, soundless clip posted on Streets Ice Cream's Facebook page celebrating Bubble O' Bill's gentlemanly restraint in five sentences: "This is Bill. Bill has a crush on Splice. Bill doesn't send her stick picks. Bill is a gentleman. Be like Bill."

The advice is definitely sound and is structured in exactly the same manner as Be like Bill memes, all of which has exposed Bubble O' Bill (no pun intended) to a wider online audience, racking up almost 400,000 views in less than 48 hours.

Streets Ice Cream's attempt at creating an edgier online image has obviously succeeded despite the fact that Bill and Splice ice cream bars are clearly made for children.

One can't help but feel that Bill doesn't talk about sexting in the presence of children.

Be like Bill, Streets Ice Cream.