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This Guy Would Like All Men to Wear Skirts

He says it's very liberating and a substitute for the Like button in social media.

Some men in skirts. Photo via Flickr user Thirteen Of Clubs.

Kurt Kobain, Marc Jacobs, Kanye West – many have tried to make the man-skirt happen over the years with, so far, very little luck. The latest in the struggle against the repression of male crotches is the Man-Skirt Metro Ride 2014, set to take place next Saturday the 31st of May in cities all over the world. If you haven't guessed it yet, what the event entails is a bunch of men in skirts, riding tube trains. Jesper Isaksson is a teacher and the man behind the Swedish branch of the movement. I went for a ride on the tube with him and I assume that you can figure out for yourself what Jesper was wearing.


VICE: Why do you want men to wear skirts on the metro on the last day of May?
Jesper Isaksson: It’s mostly because it’s a fun thing to do and it’s important to get out of your comfort zone. But then there is the matter of gender equality as well. I mean, women wear pants, why shouldn’t men be able to wear skirts? I see. So when will the event take place?
I’m currently discussing that with the initiators from LA. My goal is to synchronise with them, because it would be great if we all can enter the trains at the same time. Won’t that be difficult with the time difference?
We will probably have to do it late at night in order to make it. But I don’t think that will be a problem.

Jesper Isaksson next to a tube train. Would you say that man-skirts are trendy in Stockholm?
I wouldn’t go as far as that. Sometimes I accidently meet men wearing skirts on the street. It’s kind of comical because we instantly feel an urge to wave or simply complement each other. It’s like when bus drivers cross each other and they feel the impulse to nod. Besides that, a couple of my teacher colleagues have been inspired by me so they've been to a store here in Stockholm that sells kilts. Doesn’t your profession complicate things? It feels like students can be a bitch when it comes to these things.
My students actually think it is cool. In addition to that, the movement raises a great amount of questions, so my kilt is an important part of my teaching. We live in a society that only accepts very particular things as normal. But that is so different to who we really are. Why not try something new? Like a skirt – it’s very liberating. To be fair, you’re not really wearing a skirt, you’re wearing a kilt. Is that really the same thing?
The difference is that people usually don’t wear anything under their kilts. Men in skirts do.
Isn’t it freezing cold? We live in Sweden after all.
No, it’s not that bad. My limit is -10 degrees Celsius. When that time of the year arrives, I put on underwear. Do you recommend that men wear skirts?
Definitely, it’s so nice. It might be a little difficult to go to the bathroom, but it is what it is. And of course, you have to get over people starring at you. Admit it, you want to try it. I’m still not convinced, Jesper. Tell me more, when did you start wearing your kilt?
I bought my first two years ago. But I’ve been dreaming about it since I saw Braveheart for the first time in 1996.


The author in a skirt. Photo by Linn Warfwinge. How do people react?
It’s different, but 99 percent are very friendly and say stuff like “That’s cool,” and “You look very handsome.” Then there is a minority of people who don’t seem to like the idea of me wearing a skirt. How does the one percent react?
They mostly laugh at me, but it doesn’t bother me. You see, my kilt has a therapeutic purpose. I feel stronger every time someone mocks me. I guess I’m pretty used to it as well. I’m an immigrant and fat, it’s not like I’m walking around thinking I am the sexiest man alive. What’s the worst thing that has happened to you while in a skirt?
I think it was last year when I went for a beer at the local pub. There was a group of football hooligans who started screaming at me, “What the fuck are you wearing?” I guess my response didn’t make it any better. What was your response?
It was something like: "Well, it takes a big fucking cock to carry something like this, so you better be careful." Did they beat you up?
Actually no, I think they started to respect me after that. They welcomed me to their table and we started to discuss the possibility of wearing something different. In the end, they said I was the bravest man they had ever met. That sounds like a nice moment, but to be honest Jesper, I’m not in your team yet. Tell me once and for all, why should I wear a skirt?
To begin with, it’s really cool and extremely comfortable. Imagine the soft fabric against your skin and the airy feeling it generates. Especially when it’s warm outside. Besides that, it stimulates your need for attention, and becomes a substitute for the Like button in social media. Oh, and women find it sexy. Right. I might see you on the tube on Saturday then. Thanks, Jesper.


Find more information about the Man-Skirt Metro Ride 2014 here.

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