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How Robyn Took Back Control of Her Music

In this episode of 'VICE Meets,' Gianna Toboni sits down with the Swedish pop star to talk about feminism, Prince, and her new music publishing company, Konichiwa Records.

Swedish pop star Robyn has had a long, winding career. She managed to shed her 90s debut marketed as the Scandinavian version of Christina Aguilera and became a Grammy-nominated powerhouse behind acclaimed dance singles like "Dancing on My Own" and "Call Your Girlfriend," after creating her own music publishing company, Konichiwa Records, in an effort to gain creative control of her electric sound.

On this episode of VICE Meets, Gianna Toboni sits down with Robyn in New York to talk about feminism in her music, crafting the perfect pop song, and the driving force behind her decision to leave her label and head out on her own.