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Vice Mail

After canceling August's letters page due to a lack of decent submissions, the epistles started rolling in. We thank you, readers. And though the majority of them were terrible, a standout few were thoughtful and interesting. Most importantly, though...


First up is a 57-year-old DJ/painter from Halifax—a radio DJ, not the gay kind that puts his hands on a record like they’re crab claws and goes “wikka wikka” and then gets paid in free energy drinks.

Vice: Hi, is this Doug Taylor?

Doug Taylor:

There are two Doug Taylors in Halifax. Did you send a letter to Vice magazine?

Ah good, it’s you. So your letter was extremely well written for being on unruled paper. All the lines are so even with each other.


What kind of softball is it, like company teams playing each other?

What’s the team called?

Do you get free beer for your games?

Google says that you write music reviews for an alt-weekly up there, The Coast.

Do you have some sort of music background?

If you don’t get paid for your radio work, what do you do besides reviews for money?

Halifax has got to be good for living cheap versus somewhere like Montreal or Toronto.