Photos from the Front Lines of the Ukraine Conflict


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Photos from the Front Lines of the Ukraine Conflict

Photographer Michela AG Iaccarino spent two years among soldiers and civilians inside the hotly disputed Russia-Ukraine border areas, and this is what she saw.

Two Ukrainian soldiers assess the damage to a building in the Donbas region after a night of heavy shelling. Despite a ceasefire agreement signed last year, fighting between pro-Ukrainian forces and Russian separatists continues along the border.

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Michela A. G. Iaccarino spent two years in Ukraine documenting the conflict between Russian-supported separatists and pro-Ukrainian forces. Though a ceasefire agreement was signed last year, fighting still breaks out sporadically, as shown in VICE's magazine story on the foreign right-wing nationalists who have come here for a taste of war. These images, from Iaccarino's project Borderland: The War in the Ukraine, show the quiet moments in between battles, moments where soldiers and civilians let their roles slip.

Tired Ukrainian soldiers sent from Kiev sit on the tanks while locals approach them to pose questions about the situation.

People gathered on the barricades made of boughs and tires to prevent the access and passage of Ukrainian troops in their towns in the countryside between Slavjansk and Kramatorsk.

A pro-Russian protester tries to talk with a policeman during a rally in Donetsk.

A Donbas soldier, framed from a viewfinder rifle, lies on a cement barricade during a patrol at the gates of the city of Slavjansk.