Reno Is a Paradise


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Reno Is a Paradise

Come and meet its angels.

Reno is a glitter gulch – a neon city hidden deep within Nevada’s vast mountainous desert. Once the gambling capital of the United States, bursting with glitz and glamour that assured its prosperity and fortune, Reno has in later years suffered a downturn in the industry that once made its name.

Many of the historic downtown casinos were left for dead – some demolished, while others were converted to condos that remain half-empty today. Despite this decline and dramatic effects of the recession, the original Sin City hasn't given up its taste for margaritas and $1.99 prime rib. For now, the locals' karaoke sessions go until 3AM and the Twisted Teas keep flowing all night.
I hope that my photographs reflect on the boom and bust the city has experienced over the last century, and that they'll give you an honest view of the overlooked culture that gives Reno its ludicrous character.


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