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The Hugs & Kisses Issue

I Hate God

But I love Outlaw Order.

There is no cuter guy than a dirty metal-punk dude from the South with a fuck-off attitude and one of those sinewy, muscle-y white-trash bodies. They make every other man look like a total gay person. When they kiss you, it's like having a live electrical cable rammed down your throat. And, as a rule, they do not hug. The most they'll do is throw an arm around you as they propel you into their smelly bedroom/practice space.


To women who like these men, New Orleans' legendary Eyehategod were hotter than 'N Sync. They were also the best band ever for sludgy, shrieking, angry, fucking half-speed shit. When they broke up, punk vaginas throughout the 50 states turned to dried fruit.

And now they're back, sort of, except there are a couple different guys in the band and they are now called Outlaw Order and the songs are faster. Guitar player Gary lives above New Orleans' infamously filthy Dixie Tavern on Canal Street, which is where he met singer Michael Williams from Eyehategod and they came up with the idea to form a new band.

Outlaw Order has the same nut-in-a-bell-tower tone as Eyehategod, but is less about being dopesick and more about guns and violence.

VICE: So New Orleans is the Big Easy, right? Everybody's just partying all the time and hugging each other?
Gary Mader: No, it's violent. Especially in the inner city, where they try to relocate housing projects and it doesn't work out very well. There's a lotta inner-city killin'. We live in Mid-City, which is right next to downtown. The area that's really hot for murder is adjacent to my neighborhood.

Yeah, but this is our Hugs 'n' Kisses issue.
Right now, Armageddon's not too far away and annihilation is more of a possibility than ever before. But some musicians react to wars and terrorism by writing songs about peace and love.
We don't feel that vibe. I think the person who feels that vibe is the kind of person who hovers around universities. Hippies. It seems like the universities around here where they have the most hippies are Tulane and Loyola, which are more affluent colleges, I guess. From our perspective, hatred and nihilism just seem like the most natural thing. Can you at least take a picture of the band all hugging each other?
No. Outlaw Order's debut 7-inch, "Legalize Crime," is out now on Southern Lord Recordings.