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LIVE: Watch This Pregnant Giraffe Welcome Her Baby into Our Dark and Troubled World

Witness the miracle of life or whatever right now.

A pregnant giraffe is preparing to give birth to a calf inside her pen at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, and the zoo is graciously livestreaming the whole thing right now so you can watch one of the world's goofiest mammals pop out a baby and be distracted briefly from the growing hellscape that is our current world.

The giraffe, April, has been pregnant for the past 15 months, and will finally give birth any minute now. The baby giraffe is expected to be six feet tall and weigh around 150 pounds when it's born, and April will raise it for six to ten months before the calf is moved to a new home.

Almost 40,000 people were tuned into the stream at time of publishing, watching April pace around her pen as the baby's father, Oliver, watches from his pen next door. Youtube briefly suspended the stream Thursday morning due to "nudity & sexual content," according to WGRZ, but it's now back up and running so thousands of people can witness the miracle of life or whatever.

Take a break from crafting up your not-shitty protest sign and bask in the beauty that is the animal kingdom right now.