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We Asked Adults About the Most Pathetic, Immature Thing They've Done Lately

"I recently started an argument with my girlfriend over nothing. I just wanted to see if she actually cared about me."

This article originally appeared on VICE Australia.  Adulthood. Your parents warned you about it and your studies tried to prepare you for it, and yet, it wasn't really enough was it?

That's the impression I get. And by impression, I mean, "that's exactly what I established when I asked other adults the most pathetic, immature thing they've done." Because everyone has a story. No one properly shakes off the last dregs of childhood and at heart, we are all spiteful little, tiny children. Here are a few people around Melbourne to back up that claim.


Eloise, 21

VICE: What's the most immature thing you've done recently?
Eloise: I have a knack for taking things that are not mine, especially taking things from my housemates when I could just go buy things myself or use my own things.

You're the worst kind of housemate.
Oh my god, I know. I think they hate me. It's January, but I only met them at the start of the year.

So what do you take?
I take everything from shampoo to conditioner, and any kinds of food. I can be very petty as well. If one day they're like "hey mate, I'm getting pretty sick of you not cleaning down the stove after you cook," I'll intentionally not do it. It's not that often and I am getting better, but yeah I can be a bit immature at times. I always say to myself I'll replace things next week, but next week never really comes.

Are you proud of your pettiness? You sound proud.
Yeah. A little bit. Sometimes pettiness gets you where you want to go and sometimes people hate it. A lot of people hate it. Being petty to me is intentionally doing stuff that is going to bother other people but really, in the end, it's going to bite you in the ass. Realistically, it's what I'm doing—it has no benefit for me, I'm just doing it because it feels good.

Joey, 27

What's something you have done recently that made you think "wow, that was pretty immature."?
The most immature thing I've done recently was making an argument with my girlfriend out of nothing. I mean, I just wanted her to see if she actually cared about me or not.

So it was a test of… love?
We haven't been together for long, like a month or some shit. But still, I had to know. It wasn't fabricated or anything—I made something small into something big. I wish it was something like not washing the dishes, but I'm too embarrassed to say what it was.


What was it?
No, I can't.

Did it make you feel better or worse?
I don't know, I'm still trying to work that out. We'll figure it out, I'm sure. It was just something small and you know relationships, we do little things to each other to get attention and affection.

So it's still going on? Man, you're 27. Just send her a text and make up.
Oh yeah, I mean, I could. I could do that. Or not.

Anna, 28

Has there been a moment this year that you have acted like a child?
Like a child? I am like a child in almost everything I do. Look at my art! I always get into the imagination of myself as a child. feel I must always remain childish to be inspired, to be creating.

Totally. Your work is very playful.
Like my housemate says, "babe, it's all good!"

Sophie, 30

The year is still young, but have you done anything immature lately?
It was probably over New Year's. I spent it in a karaoke den dressed up as a Power Ranger. I was the yellow ranger. The costumes were provided, which was great. I was in Japan and all the karaoke places have costumes, so you just let it all out.

Why do you think karaoke is immature?
I guess it's just not something you're necessarily not expected to do in your day-to-day life. So dressing up all night was great: a good kind of immaturity. We had the room for a couple of hours and I got to hit up Spice Girls. My standout performance was "Wannabe."

June, 19

Has there been a moment lately when your judgement has lapsed as an adult?
Oh yeah, I did something immature the other night. My friend and I went out and we were trying to find caps. The guy was quite suss-looking and I will say, they were not what we were hoping for.

What were they?
When we looked at the caps, we were pretty sure they were synthetic. I should have been more conscious of that, but I took one. The high was good, but the comedown was horrible. I mean it was nothing like I've experienced before. I got incredibly moody, just all over the shop.

Did you know there's a bad batch of drugs going around Melbourne right now?
We saw Revolver Upstairs post about the poor drug quality over the weekend, with a lot of people going to hospital. Yep, taking that cap was immature.

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