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Atlanta's R&B Underground Is Pushing to Make a New Pop Sound in Trap’s Capital

The A has always had a soul side, but these days it's thriving in the underground and DIY scenes.

Ask anyone around the world about Atlanta's place in music, and you will get a unanimous answer: Atlanta is no longer the trap rap capital of the world; it is the epicenter of the entire rap game. Many would claim "The A" as urban music's mecca. Our genetic composition has always included that 808 bounce and soul. But where did the soul go? In the 90s and 2000s, the Atlanta R&B and rap worlds simultaneously kicked the door down to make the city a permanent fixture in the industry. As the Dungeon Family solidified itself among rap greats, LaFace Records artists like TLC and Toni Braxton also dominated the R&B airwaves. The crunk era birthed some of the biggest crossover hits from the city—not only for the likes of The Ying Yang Twins and Trillville but also for Usher and Ciara. R&B has always been synonymous with rap in Atlanta, but as of recently, it has disappeared from the spotlight. Read more on Noisey