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We Made a Film with Grolsch, Val Kilmer and Harmony Korine

Watch the trailer.

VICE Films and Grolsch Film Works have teamed up to make a new film called The Fourth Dimension. The film will feature Hollywood sweat machine Val Kilmer and is composed of three parts. It's also going to be great, you can watch the trailer above.

The three parts of the film were created by three different filmmakers. Harmony Korine (US), Alexsei Fedorchenko (Russia) and Jan Kwiecinski (Poland) were tasked by VICE's own Eddy Moretti with creating their own 30-minute shorts, shooting in each of their native countries and exploring the notion of a "fourth dimension".

Eddy put together his own creative brief/ manifesto for the project, asking Korine, Fedorchenko and Kwiecinski that "someone must sing a song that is completely made up", and that "a stuffed animal needs to make an appearance".

The Fourth Dimension will premiere at the San Francisco International Film Festival and will be screening at Tribeca. If you can't get to either of the festivals, despair not, there is more information about the film coming soon.