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Brix Smith

In the 1980s, Brix Smith was best known as a guitarist in The Fall, and as the wife of its frontman Mark E. Smith, whom she divorced. Brix was one of very few women in British indie at a time when it was still any good. She brought fashion and glamour...

Vice: What were you wearing the first time you met Mark E. Smith?

Brix Smith:

What’s the first thing you said to Mark?

People say that you were the person who brought a sense of style to a band that didn’t have any style at the time.

He dressed like the people who interview you at the Job Centre. The look kind of said: “I mean business. I’m not fucking about. I don’t need pink hair or a studded bracelet.”


How long was it after you met him that you moved to England?

Ten cats?

How did Prestwich react to a new-wave punk-rock girl coming over from Chicago?

Did you get him to change his clothes a bit or anything?

What were those first months in The Fall like?

How does that creative/love relationship feel?

How does your husband feel about that?

So he was a dog, basically?

There was that song “Bill Is Dead” that people speculate is about you and him breaking up.

So you left Manchester. Then where did you go?

What sort of stuff were you wearing in those days?

The Partridge Family

He wanted you back in the band?

How did you meet Phil?

So, the shop.


What was it?

Kitchen Bitch

What’s your life advice for readers?

Do you like anyone new? Everyone’s talking about Dominic Jones’ jewellery (see Death Becomes Her).