Photos of Grief and Pain from Clinton's Election Night Event
All photos by Jason Bergman


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Photos of Grief and Pain from Clinton's Election Night Event

At Javits Center in Manhattan, the crowd was there to witness the breaking of a glass ceiling. Instead, everything else was broken.

As Tuesday night became Wednesday morning, as it became increasingly clear that the pre-election predictions were all wrong, as the world began to wake up to the three little words "President Donald Trump," no one was more shocked than the people in the Javits Center.

They had gathered for what was supposed to be Hillary Clinton's victory party, a symbolic breaking of a glass ceiling in US politics. Instead, it was everything else that broke—poll projections, hearts, the overwhelmed servers running Canada's immigration site.


There will be a lot written about this election, the greatest upset in modern US political history. But what lingers on Wednesday, in New York and many other places, is the sense of confusion and devastation captured by photographer Jason Bergman at Javits as a coronation turned into something closer to a wake.

Here's what Ginny Robinson, a 76-year-old from San Diego, had to say:

"I tell you something: Hillary will always be a believer in the good going forward. We're going to still have her faithfulness and her confidence for the future.

"It's like being in New Orleans and going down into the minor… we wanted some success tonight, but we're going to rise it into the major and sing a good song tonight."

See more photos from Javits below:

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta speaks to the crowd.