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What Nobel Prize Category Do you Feel Is Missing?

I asked people in Stockholm what important categories they feel the prize committee has left out.
The Stockholm Town Hall. Photo by Fredrik Rubensson

The annual Nobel Prize ceremony is the big happening in Stockholm. At least tonight, on the 10th of December. And at least for the Swedish King and his closets politician friends. This year, there's been a lot of commotion concerning the fact that Bob Dylan received the Nobel Prize in literature. But there's actually a bunch of other men winning, too, for their groundbreaking findings in science, economy and world peace – yep, every single one of them is a man.


However, I wanted to know if people feel like the Nobel Prize has left out an important category. Maybe we should award someone for their findings in issues such as love or relationships or cooking? To find out, I hit the streets and talked with people about the prize in a totally non-Bob Dylan way (or at least I tried).

VICE: Do you feel that there's a category missing in the Nobel Prize?
Ryan, 30 years old: Not off the top of my head. Maybe music, but it would probably become too opinionated with all the genres.

Who would be this year's recipient of that prize?
Dee, 30 years old: Me, obviously.
Ryan: What about a category for exploration?

Oh, that's cool. Who do you think deserves that one?
Dee: I don't know. Elvis probably. I also think that there should be a prize for liveable standards. Like the green movement and working for the environment.
Ryan: Yeah, definitely some environmental category. That's a big one. Agreed. What fictional character should win the prize in economics?
Dee: How about Scrooge McDuck?

What Nobel Prize category is missing?
Jazzmine, 29 years old: Well, I already feel it's going that direction with Bob Dylan getting the literature prize, which I think is kind of funny. Other than that I think that it should stay the way it is. Traditional and dull.

Is there someone else in the entertainment industry you think should win?
Leonard Cohen. Or do you mean an actor or actress or someone like that?


No. Whoever really.
No. Leonard Cohen is the only one that comes to mind.

Tonight, it's the Nobel Prize ceremony and I want to know if you miss a category or two?
Jonathan, 20 years old: I'd probably add lyricism. It's kind of a pointless prize but that would at least calm all of the commotion surrounding the fact that Bob Dylan is winning the prize in literature. You know, so Beyonce can win one too without Horace Engdahl having a nervous breakdown.

Who do you think should win the prize in lyricism?
Hmm, I would give it to some pretentious poet from Stockholm… No! I know – Elis Bureau definitely deserves to get it.

If you had to nominate a fictional character or creature for the prize in medicine, who would that be?
Dr. Strangelove. He's not that much of a doctor but he's a true character. After all, he got the title and he looks kind of cool. We need to put more emphasis on fashion, not only at the ceremony but also in the prize itself.

What Nobel Prize category is missing?
Anna, 30 years old: I would say music. It's a great way to connect people.

Anyone in particular that you think deserves the Nobel Prize in music?
Nina Simone. She's brilliant.

What would be the motivation for the nomination?
Well, there's so many levels of music. You can make your voice heard and tell a story, whether it's about feelings or politics. It's a great way to reach people.

What TV personality would receive the Nobel Prize in economics, it it was up to you?
Oprah Winfrey. She seems like a person that handles money well and she gives a lot to charity.


Are we missing a Nobel Prize category or what?
Cecilia, 26 years old: I have to say, there's a need for a prize to promote sustainable development.

Regarding environmental issues?
Not necessarily. It could concern social sustainability as well. Hans Rosling is a strong contender.

What category would you like to win if you won the Nobel Prize?
The Peace Prize, for doing something incredibly helpful.

Additional reporting and photos by Aretha Bergdahl. Top image by Fredrik Rubensson.

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