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A Day at the Riots - Gatecrashing Tory HQ

Some seemed happy enough just to occupy it, while others seemed more intent on breaking things.

When we headed out into central London today, we expected those gathered with their anti-cut placards to fall into that standard student protest routine of hanging around waiting for other people to do something violent. This is not what happened. Instead, around 200 of the 50,000 who filled the streets of Westminster and Millbank invaded Tory headquarters. Some seemed happy enough just to occupy it, while others seemed more intent on breaking things. Our snapper's lens was the first in. Here are some photos he took with it – more will follow tomorrow.


The first wave of protestors showed up at Millbank at about 1.30pm. At this stage the preferred method of entry was to run as quickly as possible past bemused receptionists and angry security guards. Pretty tame thus far.

The students making themselves feel at home. I imagine this is what the sixth form common room would look like if John Hughes set a film in Harrow.

Things escalated quickly. The police tried to evacuate the protestors, but ended up getting beaten back out.

A Scottish Socialist land grab.

The guy on the right won't be so bold when the guy on the left whips this photo out to undermine his rival election campaign 20 years from now.

After the initial occupiers were removed from the premises, those outside showed more resolve, charging through Millbank's glass doors with such force that they shattered in their frames. Crocodile Dundee down front there will be damned if he's about to pay for a university education.

You know it's a proper protest when a medic and a limp wristed aromatherapy student start trading blows.

Smashing through the Tories web of lies, etc. Going…



Police helmets get knocked off so easily in situations like these that today they littered the floor like confetti, but this guy did the honourable thing and plucked it off from atop a bonce.

Heading up the fire escape to find a better vantage point on the roof. At one point someone tried ripping out the cables in that box on the left, but they were soon made aware that this would likely result in his electrocution and the deaths of everyone else in the building. Clearly this is an example of BAD vandalism.


Don't matter where you take Johnny, he always gotta write his name on the walls. Can't help but think that undermines the effort of dragging two hoods around all day.

Hanging out on the roof, throwing fire extinguishers at police.

This reflects the anarchist/pacifist spread quite nicely. The majority don't want to get too near to the fire or the broken glass.

An intern in Levi's ad department is getting himself psyched for tomorrow's big meeting.

Some kids broke into the basement and started throwing rocks through the windows of cars. Cars driven by Tory MPs and paid for with their parents' taxes.

Spot the only man in the room who's ever held a real gun.

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