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Woah! These Five Optical Illusions Have the Internet Divided!

Tom Hanks or Bill Murray? Shiny legs or paint? We can't decide!

If there's one thing the internet loves, it's arguing over simple optical illusions!

Remember THAT dress? Was it yellow? Was it blue? It all depended on the cones inside your eyes! Did that stop us arguing over it? Not one bit! How about pulling it up big on a laptop screen and showing our computer in turn to everyone in the office? Hell yeah! I think it's gold and white, because it is! Some people think it's blue! Nutty shit!


Well: get ready to lose your goddamn bollocks again, because there's a new optical illusion in town. In fact, there are five of them. Don't forget to hop in the comments below and tell us what you can see! That's not boring at all! Also, please share this on Facebook with a leading caption like, 'So…' then the cry-laugh emoji then tagging 20 separate people! Thank you! Like & Subscribe for more of this good shit!


This one really has the internet divided: is the picture below loveable alleged wife beater Bill Murray, or is it walking Oscar nomination Tom Hanks?

(Photo: David Shankbone, via)

Look closely: while at first glance the picture looks like Hanks, it is actually Bill Murray. Woah! Remember when he tended the bar at SXSW one time and gave everyone tequila no matter what they asked for? Leg-end-a-ry!


This is a real "once you see it…" illusion. Look carefully at the photo below:

(Photo: Troy Maresek, via)

No – that's not a real Star Trek outfit! It's actually cleverly applied body paint, but more than a few people on the 'web have been fooled.


THINK FAST: is this singer Katy Perry, or singer/actress Zooey Deschanel?

(Photo: Eva Rinaldi, via)

The answer is: neither! Although Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel famously look the same because they were cloned from the same genetic material in the same underground Hollywood bunker, this is actually British actress Emily Blunt.


It's the new "The Dress"! What colour are the trousers in the photo below?

(Photo: Casey Green, via)


Some see pink, some see orange: and once you start seeing one, you can't see the other! I suppose all of this is just to illustrate what isolated little lives we truly lead. We can try to reach out, can't we – touch our fingers tenderly across the infinite voids between us, to our friends or our lovers or our family or our colleagues – but ultimately we are alone, utterly alone, in solipsistic little worlds, only we can see the colours we see, only we can taste the flavours we taste, only we can feel the chill-like crackle of nerves and sensations, a feather stroked longingly up the skin of your forearm, an ice cube down your stomach, wax on your chest, only you can feel this, only you can see this; we can share our experiences in body but never in mind, truly, we are never more alone than when we are looking at an optical illusion and seeing a colour other than the one we are meant to—


Just a simple landscape view, right? Some bushes, a hedge, some foliage, a tree, the immaculate green sweep of grass, half-frosty on the crisp cool ground of the first few days of winter—

(Photo: Duncan Price, via)

WRONG. Look again: there's actually the face of a man hidden inside this image. It might take you a few minutes to see it – relax your eyes, try to zoom out, focus on the centre of the image and try to stare a metre or two behind it, but don't you ever feel, sometimes, that you could be doing something more? That maybe if you'd applied yourself, all along, that maybe you wouldn't be here, at work but trying to avoid work, at school but trying to avoid school, frittering your spare time away into the abyss, trying to see things that are already there? Do you ever wonder where you might have ended up if you had tried? If you hadn't wasted all this time doing nothing? – but you should be able to just make out the shape of a man's face. Got it yet? Can you make him out? Don't forget to Like & Subscribe and hit up the comments section below!

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