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What Food Would You Stockpile to Survive a Terrorist Atrocity?

A German government report recommends keeping ten days' worth of food, just in case something terrible happens. But what would you take?

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For the first time since the Cold War, the German government has asked its citizens to stockpile water and food to last five and ten days, respectively. That's in case of a terror attack so bad that you would have to lock yourself inside for a few days.

Even though the as-yet-unreleased 69-page report doesn't see an attack being all that likely, it does state that Germans "should prepare appropriately for a development that could threaten our existence". Which is pretty scary. I thought Berlin was, like, really chill?


What would you bring down with you? Pop tarts? Rum? Something actually practical? We took to the streets to find out what you'd be dependent for survival on in some sort of zombie-apocalypse type situation.

Bashir, 26

VICE: So there might be an attack and you have to get essential supplies. What would you go for?
I'd have to eat healthily even though I'd want Nando's. I'd get a lot of fruits, vegetables. I'm from Uganda so I'd get my mother's homemade chapatis, sweet banana and pilau rice. That should do me for five days.

If you had to pick just one?
I'd die with one! I know I would. But if I had to, my mother's pilau rice.

Do you think you could get everything in time? There'd be loads of people running around the shops and buying everything up too…
Knowing me, I'm quite smart so I'd probably clock that there was a national emergency so a month before, I'd stock up and hibernate.

Amy, 21

What food would you stockpile in case of an attack?
I'd pretty scared but at the same time, the way I see it, London's such a big city that it's unlikely to affect me personally. You just have to live for the moment and not really worry about it.

True, but what if you were to stockpile something?
I'm gluten-free so I'd really have to go somewhere like Planet Organic and stockpile hundreds of pounds of gluten-free food.

What if you've got just one food to pick from?
Ideally, just some gluten-free bread. In the freezer, bang it in, toast it. Sorted.


How you could outwit anyone else to the last gluten-free bread?
I'd be the first one there! I do that at the moment anyway, I purposely go around to all little stores and ask what's the best gluten-free food I can find. I have to make sure I get there first. I'd be in there!

Last meal before you have to make do with your emergency rations?
I'd go for some ceviche. Not sure you can get that in the shops!

Sherice, 21 and Prene, 21

You've got five days. What food would you stockpile?
S: Do you have a fridge and stuff? If I did and a gas cooker, then I'd get pasta, get your carbs in there so you're nice and full, you've got energy, fibre. That's about it. If I can pick more food, spinach to keep my energy up.

S: Don't let me fool you! And eggs as well, scrambled. That'd be good for protein. And loads of water just to keep hydrated. I wouldn't keep meat and stuff. I feel like that wouldn't be a good idea.

And you, Prene?
P: I'd do pasta because it's good for carbs. I'd have chicken breast. Because I'm Indian, I'll take my spices. I'll have my oregano, my chillis, the lot. It's only five days so I won't be focusing on cooking. I'd take a couple of bottles of rum, a couple of bottles of whisky and some ice.

Sounds great. Before you have whisky for five days straight, what would be your last blowout?
P: I'd go for a homemade Indian. I'd have a kyria chicken, naan, couple of Cobra beers or Singha beers. Not too fussy as long as it's beer. Probably saag aloo. And a bit of paneer and a king prawn curry.


I'm salivating.
S: I'd go for Turkish food. I love a Turkish. I'd get taziki with mint sauce and yoghurt, a lamb shish, a chicken shish and wild rice.

Okay I have to stop talking to you guys now, you're making me hungry.

George, 25

What food would you stockpile?
If things actually went down, canned stuff. Canned tuna. If I'm allowed more, baked beans.

Adventurous. Last blowout before you have to live on canned food?
Falafel wrap. Maybe a massive pizza. Mozzarella, tomato, basil. Tuna!

So what would I find in your cupboard at home?
Tuna. I eat a lot of beans. Lots of fish.

Chloe, 21 and Grant, 21

You've got to get food that lasts five days. What would you pick?
C: Frozen vegetables so you can buy them in bulk. Any apart from asparagus. Water. Some protein, probably chips.

G: You know when it's Christmas and it's snowed in, everyone buys eggs and bread. So I would get loads of eggs, bread, pasta and chicken. Keep it simple.

How do you take your eggs, Grant?
G: Omelette, probably.

Last supper before you have to make do with your supplies. Where would you go?
C: I'd probably have pizza, chips, chicken nuggets, McDonald's. Everything!
G: Chicken pasta bake.

You like your chicken, don't you?
G: I do like chicken.

Laura, 19

What food would you stockpile?
Garlic bread. Anything pasta-based. And Chinese. I couldn't live without Chinese. It's like my main thing. In Liverpool, we don't actually have loads of Chinese takeaways. It's always chip shop stuff so it's always curried rich and chips. If I can get noodles, I'd go for that.


Do you think you could make it last that long then?
I'd ration it. Just be like, putting it in little portions and wrap it up and make it last for five days.

Kevin, 23

So you've got to live on one food for five days. What would it be?
Nothing fresh. It's about survival of the fittest. It'd be stuff to get by. Nothing luxury to be fair. Just as much as I can for cheap. A few desserts. Probably a cheesecake. I'd leave ice cream behind.

Wise. Last blow-out?
Probably a McDonald's because we take it for granted! I'd get a large Big Mac.

Thanks, Kevin.


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