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18-Year-Old Loses Blanket, Goes on TV News

She's "willing to humiliate" herself to get it back.

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An 18-year-old college student has lost her blanket, and she's so upset about it that she went on TV to ask if you can help her find it. Can you help her find it? I don't think you understand: She liked it, and she wants it back.


Brooke McGlade is a Temple University student who brought her Winnie the Pooh blanket with her on a Philadelphia metro train (It was in a bag). When she got to her hometown, she realized she'd left the bag on the train.

Anyone who has ever lost a cherished totem from their childhood can relate. We've all felt this pain right before getting on with our lives.

McGlade "immediately started crying," she told Shawnette Wilson, a reporter for thethe local FOX TV news affiliate, who ran a three minute segment on this story. "I sleep with it every night, so it's been a rough couple nights without it," she added. This blanket—which, to be clear, you are continuing to read about—is something McGlade claims she has owned since the day she was born. She says she's never been without it for this long in all her eighteen years.

She (somehow) got on the local news in the first place after she posted panicked Facebook messages about it, announcing that it was missing, and she's "willing to humiliate" herself to get it back:

Last night's news reported that it didn't appear that the blanket has been taken to the lost and found, and McGlade has not yet updated her Facebook to indicate that she has been reunited with her blanket. So if you do happen to be riding the trains in Philadelphia this week, make sure you keep an eye out for a time machine that you can use to go back in time to the moment on Thursday shortly after McGlade got off the train, when a custodian looked in McGlade's bag, saw a stained children's blanket inside it, and threw it in the trash. With 100 percent certainty, it is in a pile of trash somewhere because it's a discarded old blanket that is permanently gone.

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