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Festivals 2015

Hey People: We're Streaming Concerts From Roskilde Festival

You're welcome.

In a few days, Denmark's major cities will turn into ghost towns. Businesses will shut down. Nearly all alcohol will disappear off of store shelves, and first aid kits and condoms will be little but distant memories from the past. Relax, it's not the apocalypse that's coming: it's Roskilde Festival. From June 27 until July 4, pretty much everyone you know (at least it seems like that) will be losing their minds to acts like Disclosure and St. Vincent, drinking themselves into oblivion and sneaking away from the responsibilities of real life at Denmark's much-loved festival.


If you're one of the unfortunate souls who won't be attending Roskilde, we send you our deepest condolences… along with something to get you through the intense spiral of envy and depression you'll be experiencing. We'll be streaming concerts from Roskilde for you to watch at home—so even if you didn't get punched in the nose moshing to Lamb of God, at least you can feel like it, anyway.

So far, we know we'll be streaming the following acts:

Timbuktu & Damn! - July 1st, 18:00

Lamb of God - July 3rd, 23:30

The Mountains - July 4, 14:00

WhoMadeWho - July 4, 16:00

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates about what we'll be streaming and when.

Happy at-home-on-the-couch Roskilde!

Photo credit: Bill Ebbesen