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Justin Bieber Explains VMA Tears and Performs Confirmed Slapper "What Do You Mean?" on 'The Tonight Show'

Somebody needs to get a bonus for this PR campaign.

Yeah, those are Yeezys. Justin Bieber is wearing Yeezys.

Justin Bieber was on The Tonight Show last night, a few short days after he levitated above the crowd at the 2015 VMAs. During his interview with Fallon, he opened up about why he shed a bunch of tears after his performance on Sunday night. In case you don't remember what happened, here's a gif to help your memory:

And what Bieber said—considering he's spent the past two years acting like a huge jackass in the public eye—seemed actually quite honest and real. He expressed the challenges he felt dealing with all the dumb shit you deal with when you're around 20 years old, and what it was like to do that with millions and millions of people watching. Part of it made me feel for the guy, considering on this website alone we've cracked upwards of, at least, like 7000 jokes about the Bieb man. In short, this PR campaign has sure worked! Here's the video:

After that, he performed his confirmed slapper "What Do You Mean?" and it was great. Bieber's album is out November 13. To be honest? We can't wait.