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See Behind the Scenes of "Easy Rider," Action Bronson's New Video Full of Acid and Motorcycles

The only time Action feels real is when he's on the back of his bike.

We went behind the scenes on Action Bronson's latest video, "Easy Rider" for a little insight into how the rubber burning, bottle smashing, automatic rifle blasting acid trip of a music video came to be. Watch the below video to learn the difference between reality and dreams, but be sure to get the shamen's permission before you travel through this desert of the mind.

"Easy Rider," is the first single from the forthcoming VICE / Atlantic LP Mr. Wonderful out fall 2014. Watch the full video below. And then watch Action rap to the elderly at an Old Folks Home.


Director- Tom Gould
Produced By- Travis Mitchell
Co-Producers- Dustin Highbridge, Brendan Fitzgerald
Cinematographer- Jake Burghart
Editor- Tom Gould, Jared Perez

Download "Easy Rider" on iTunes.

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