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You Need to Hear This

Listen to a New Track from Stromae Featuring Angel Haze

Get to know Stromae. He's got more YouTube views than Britain has people and now he's got Angel Haze on a new track.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

Stromae may not be a household name in the Nordics, but he's huge. Don't believe me? His latest track clocked up over 120 million plays on YouTube, double the amount of people that live on our island, and Kanye West, y'know the guy who only gives his co-sign to minimal people, has remixed one of his tracks.

Adding to the roster of famous collaborations he's got Angel Haze, who's also our new columnist on Noisey, to jump on the remix to "Papaoutai". We're premiering it in full above and you should click play RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND to hear her go hard over music that will make you want to jet away on holiday and not think about emailing anyone ever again.