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Holy Shit

Justin Bieber Just Released His New Single "What Do You Mean" And It's a Confirmed Slapper

We're not kidding!

via Justin Bieber's Instagram

If you're like me—one of the 37 million followers of Justin Bieber's Instagram—you've no question noticed The Bieb Man's month-long campaign promoting his upcoming single "What Do You Mean." It hasn't been that complicated; he's basically just had a bunch of different (famous and/or beautiful) people ask the camera, "What do you mean?" Finally, the song's hit the internet, and like "Where Are Ü Now," his previous track with Jack Ü (Diplo and Skrillex), it's a slow-burning banger. Stream it below and join the rest of the world as we stay up all night and dance around our apartments in a way that definitely doesn't look cool, but feels cool. We're not gonna lie, y'all. We have high hopes for the album.