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Norwegian Psych-Punks Haust's New Video for "Give Me Shame" is the Best Kind of Nightmare

Watch the epileptic-unfriendly new video for "Give Me Shame," a track off the Norwegian psych-punks' new album, 'Bodies.'

Photo by Lars Preus

Norwegian psych-punks Haust are back with a new lineup, new album, and a serpentine new twist on the sound that first got them noticed back in 2006. "Psychedelic" seems like far too flowery a description of what these garage-bred, noisy metalpunks are spitting out, but the woozy, wavering chords on songs like "Light" make it clear that Haust are just as interested in warping your mind as they are smacking you in the face.


As part of Norway's Black Hole Crew alongside Okkultokrati, Dark Times, and Blood Suckers, Haust are in fine company, and exhibit the same approach to hybridized black metal/weird punk that makes their peers so essential.

This exclusive video for "Give Me Shame" is taken off Bodies, the band's upcoming fourth album for Fysisk Format (due out March 10th). Slap on some rose-clored glasses and watch them work:

SXSW attendees, take note: Haust will be appearing at Icenhauer's with a bunch of other rad bands on Friday, March 20th. They hit the stage at 1AM, so make sure to bring an extra pair of dancing shoes!