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Get Down With the Amish in the Latest Video from Death From Above 1979

It's all fun and games until someone draws a dick on your face.

What makes a really standout party? A loud band losing its shit right in front of you, sure. Some head-banging and moshing won't hurt either, but snorting ashes from the dead, drinking from udders and porno Amish chicks? That's what kids want these days and the dudes from Death From Above 1979 know that. Their new video for "Virgins" features a bunch of Amish teens getting psychedelic in a barn, dancing around wildly and seeing things like blood-dipped bananas suggestively handled by a bonnet-clad babe magically flash before their eyes. Naturally, someone wakes up with a dick drawn on his cheek, just in case you were wondering.

The track has that signature DFA crunch to it yet harkens back to proper classic rock more than the rest of their repertoire. Give it a listen.