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Electric Wizard Want You to Know It's 'Time To Die,' So Hurry Up and Stream Their New Track

Death by woofer-quake, or doom riff, via "I Am Nothing"

The bend-y squeal of guitars and a military-style snare open the punishing "I Am Nothing," the first track to emerge from UK doom gods Electric Wizard's latest effort. After a short while though, it comes; the prickly and impenetrable wall of woofer-quaking guitars that power much of Time to Die, accompanied by a melodic vocal that sounds sung out of a bullhorn. I guess that's your best option for vocals when the rest of your band is that. Fucking. Loud.


"I Am Nothing," streaming for the first time, is culled from Electric Wizard's eighth LP and first in four years, Time to Die. I'd suggest you stream it below.