Lion Babe Go to a Festival at the End of the World


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Lion Babe Go to a Festival at the End of the World

A flowery chat about Britain and all its stereotypical charms, like fry ups, ponies, bottles of piss and Essex.

Nordic Poetry dress; Levi's shirt and jeans


Set design and props: Penny Mills
Hair: Sami Knight using Unite
Makeup: Crystabel Riley
Words: Joe Zadeh

I first interviewed Lion Babe in 2012 for Clash magazine, back when they had one palpitating slow burner called "Treat Me Like Fire". Now they're signed to Interscope, touring the world, producing with Pharrell Williams and have a track with Childish Gambino. Would it be outrageous for me to propose the notion that I broke them and am therefore responsible for most – if not all – of their career success to date? Listen, that's not for me to say. I'm a humble man, but it's a logical trail of thought.


Since tickling the world's neo-soul pop glands with that "Treat Me Like Fire" gem, the New York duo of Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman have pursued their careers in music much like a real lion might, with majesty, ferocity, fur and funk. Whether it's the no shits given "Wonder Woman", the Dilla-esque summer jam "Jump Hi", or the glossy club rap of new single "Impossible", Lion Babe make the kind of universally sexual songs that you can drop safely at a house party without knowing the personal preferences of anyone around you. Even the junglists can't argue with Hervey's pitch.

With their debut album still being pieced together on the factory floor, Lion Babe have found themselves round-tripping across the Atlantic all summer, for festivals, shows, studio time and general galivants. On their latest UK visit we took them to the middle of nowhere for a two person festival where they didn't have to do anything but show up.


Kelly Simpkin dress; KOI jacket, Levi's T-shirt, Topman jeans

Nordic top

Levi's shirt

Topman Design jacket, Levi's dress; Levi's T-shirt, Topman jeans, Nordic Poetry jacket

Nordic dress

Rokit shirt

Nordic Poetry dress

Un-NYE jumpsuit; Levi's shirt, Topman jeans