This story is over 5 years old.


Update: Charlie Veitch Has Been Arrested

Yeah, about an hour after he wrote this blog about how the police were following him and trying to stop him from attending the royal wedding, our good friend Charlie Veitch was arrested by police in his own house. Not so paranoid after all, eh?

An hour ago we received this text message from Charlie Veitch's girlfriend:

URGENT. Please come to Parkside Police Station [Cambridge] at 9.30 tonight or else it'll be just me and the megaphone. Charlie was arrested from his own hone today on an absurdly concocted free speech pre-crime - 'conspiracy to make nuisance'. Please come and make them aware that this is not acceptable in a democracy and he must be released immediately! Please also call Parkside Police Station on 0845-4564-564 and ask for Custody Block to register your concern. Thanks x

What a bunch of dickheads the police are, eh? He has genuinely done nothing, and beyond shouting ironical anarchist political slogans from his megaphone, we wasn't going to do ANYTHING tomorrow to spoil Will and Kate's big day.

I'll leave the polemic for Charlie when he gets out, but you can call that number (0845-4564-564)and complain if you feel moved to do so, and if you're in Cambridge, you can go and join his girlfriend outside protesting. At the very least, think about poor Charlie spending the night and bank holiday day in a holding cell while you're drinking in a park.