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The São Paulo Protests in 7 Acts

How lots of pissed-off people fought to lower a city's bus fare.

The first round of the bus-fare protests called by São Paulo’s Free Pass Movement were met with bursts of rubber bullets and clouds of tear gas. The images from the protests, broadcasted live by the mainstream media outlets, and all the reports of the police's ultraviolence that were spread around the internet created an atmosphere of shock and indignation. The state's violent reaction created, at least at that moment, a curious climate of consensus between the left and right wing—the speeches were totally in favor of the demonstrations. From media outlets and the most reactionary pages on Facebook that shouted "vandalism," to the pro-government blogs that condemned the Free Pass Movement in the beginning of the demonstrations, they were now all in favor of the people out in the streets. After the fare increase was nullified and the police withdrew, there was another peculiar escalation of violence, as you can see above in part two.

If you missed part one, watch it here. Special thanks to Antônio Jordão and TVT.

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