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Edmonton Man Gets Three Years for Kidnapping His Boss and Taking Him to a Strip Club

Best. Kidnapping. Ever.

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An Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) construction worker has pleaded guilty to several charges after admitting that he drunkenly kidnapped his boss and took him to a strip club. According to Corey Eugene Galandy, who was given a three-year sentence today, his boss collectively owed him and other coworkers thousands of dollars, prompting the encounter. Apparently in Alberta, when your employer owes you cash, you don't take it to the labour board, you abduct him at a gas station, force him to take money out of an ATM, and then immediately go out for a night of titties and gallivanting.


On December 11, 2012, the two men met up at a 7-Eleven, where Galandy was given $50 [€32,5] that his boss Daniel Gillespie owed him. Following this, the two drove to a coworker's place where Galandy's girlfriend and infant child were waiting, and then Galandy proceeded to punch his boss in the head—four times. As if this confrontation could not get any more hoser-ish, Galandy then forced Gillespie to carry tools out of his truck and headbutted him a couple of times in the process, punching him a few more times when he tried to get away.

After taking his boss to an ATM to get $400 [€260] out to pay back the debt, Galandy apparently told Gillespie, "You're not such a bad guy." Gillespie bought some whisky and cigarettes, and in true Alberta fashion, the two made their way to a strip club, where they were denied at the door for not having ID. Refusing to give up, they made their way to another strip club—of which there is no shortage of in Texas North—where they got extremely fucking wasted.

The night ended around 00:45 when both men were kicked out of the strip club and Galandy backed his truck into a vehicle in the club's parking lot. When Galandy was arrested, Gillespie decided to tell the cops responding to the scene that he'd been kidnapped.

According to defence lawyer Laurie Wood, however, Gillespie had multiple chances to bounce: "Mr. Gillespie was left on his own numerous times while Mr. Galandy gallivanted about the strip club," she told the provincial court.

During his sentencing, Galandy apparently didn't have much to add when he addressed the court, saying only, "I think everything that was said was pretty straightforward." Right.

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