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The Sundaes Issue

Trapped Forever In Sex Slavery, Eh?

Canada has a long and illustrious history of fucking Asian immigrants right in the ass upon their arrival to the Great White North.

A couple of lucky cats sit in the living room of a condo brothel and beckon incoming johns.

Johns pay somewhere between $100 and $150 for an hour-long “girlfriend experience.” If they are lucky, the girls will get a 10 percent cut of the profits.

Yo-Yo has two kids in Taiwan and enjoys looking through photos of her family and friends whenever she isn’t pretending to enjoy having sex with Canadian scumbags.


Yvonne came from Hong Kong a couple of months ago. She was told she would able to get modeling work but has given up hope and resigned herself to lying around all day in her live/work brothel. Her pimp told her she will be moving to Calgary soon, so she wants to see the ocean once again before she leaves.

Yo-Yo loves Hello Kitty and spends all her extra money on cutesy discount kitsch from the mall across the street from her apartment.

23-year-old Yumiko comes from a city just outside Beijing. She came to Canada to learn English and find a job but is now giving full-body massages out of a seedy motel room.