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Sleeparchive Evokes the Cathartic Anger of "Grief" on a New Track

The tune is off his upcoming 'Untitled' EP on Swedish techno imprint Arsenik.

Copenhagen minimalist Roger Semsroth, a.k.a. Sleeparchive, shared the belting lead track from his forthcoming Untitled EP on Swedish techno imprint Arsenik yesterday. Titled "Grief," the tune evokes one step of its eponymous seven-stage process a whole lot more than any other—anger. Where much of Semsroth's discography has emphasized precision and the cerebral effects of infinitesimally subtle variation, this record is pure body music, thrashing and bucking about in pure recklessness, at least by Semsroth's standards. The length of the record—over ten minutes—adds to the sense of imprudence, too, creating a feeling of endured, cathartic suffering.


Semsroth told THUMP about the technical details of the track's construction over email. "The track was arranged in October 2016 from various loops recorded over two years," he said. "The percussion sounds were made with drumazon. All other sounds are made with an SH-101, and everything was processed in Ableton Live."

The new EP will be released by Sweden's Arsenik Records on April 30; it is available for pre-order.

Listen to "Grief" over at Thump.