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The Most Insane People on Twitter

The other day, I set myself the challenge of finding the most fucked up Twitter feeds I could.

Twitter is a fucked up place where it’s completely normal, even encouraged, to blast statements about your dick being a Nazi (or whatever) to complete strangers. The other day, I set myself the challenge of finding the most fucked up feeds I could. I searched nonsensical and half-sensical terms like "want be horse," and found what I was looking for. Then I found some accounts that were even more nuts. Six hours later, deep down the rabbit hole, I realised what a horrifying task I had assigned myself, and I had some questions: Are MOST of the people on Twitter actually insane, or are they faking it? Do they care that people are watching, or are they performing because people are watching?


What follows is not a definitive collection of maniacs; these are the gems that can be found with a little digging. There are worse, stranger accounts on Twitter, but I don’t want to find out about them, and neither do you, probably.

PTCruiser has gained a bit of fame recently, as popular Twitter oddity experts @KatieNotopolous and @Fart have regular interactions with her. Used to be that she would tweet every time she saw a PT Cruiser ("Red one!"), and express her emotions as though she were herself a PT Cruiser ("Car is tired :( time for a tune up"). But now that she's got a few more followers and a little encouragement, she seems to just tweet WHATEVER SHE'S THINKING ABOUT RIGHT NOW. Beware: Sometimes she tweets as much as 300 times a day. I counted.

Rhonda is a right-wing nutjob, or at least pretends to be one (as usual on Twitter, it’s hard to tell). Her tweets are unintentionally (or intentionally) racist, sexist, homophobic and virulently pro-America. I'm not so much interested in what she says (she mostly just thanks other people for RTs and congratulates them on being good patriots), but what she retweets. She serves as a great aggregator for totally insane conservative content.

Brad lives in Panama City Beach, Florida at the "Chateau Milner". He also likes wrestling. A lot.

Steve Rogers. My favorite feed, hands down. The realest motherfucker in the game. All caps, all the time. Straight internet H.A.M., no chaser. As his description reads, don't DM him less you “gonna let him fuck”.

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