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Hey London, We're Launching a New Issue At You!

Come and round off a month of not drinking with a night of drinking a lot.

How's your "dry January" going? Fucking terribly? That's good news, because to round off something with a bang that you never really started in the first place, we're throwing a launch party for our new issue at the Old Blue Last on the very last day of January (which is the 31st).

There'll be music from Amusement, Carousels and some very special guests who you won't find out about until you turn up. And the best thing is that entry's free all the way from doors at 8PM to us kicking you out of there at 1AM, so there's no excuse not to come and spend all the money you'd have spent getting into some terrible Thursday-night cramp-fest on having fun with us instead.

Find out everything else you need to know at the event's Facebook page.