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Which Dinosaur Is the Sexiest?

Everybody (wants to) do the dinosaur.

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Some billionaire guy from Australia named Clive has called a press conference for this Friday, where it's rumoured that he'll announce his intentions to build a real-life Jurassic Park. Obviously this would be an outlandish thing for anyone to announce, but then again this a man who has also commissioned a Chinese company to rebuild a life-size replica of the Titanic (i.e. a fucking rich and slightly insane one).


So, with hopes running high amongst the dinosaur-loving community that Clive will make all their dreams come true, we took to the streets to ask the burning question: Which dinosaur is the sexiest?

VICE: Which dinosaur is the sexiest dinosaur?
Jessica, 26, makeup artist: Eugh, none. I hate them. You mean, like, which one would I have sex with? Well, which ones are hottest.
The T-Rex is the king of all dinosaurs, so I guess the T-Rex. Is power sexy to you?
Yeah, it’s definitely a turn on. Looks, too. Do you think the T-Rex is good looking?
Compared to some dinosaurs, but it has weird arms.

Matt, 23, photographer: That’s a hard question. A Triceratops, like in The Land Before Time. That one is a child dinosaur.
I’m talking about the mum. What other dinosaurs do you know?
Err, Stegosaurus. Would you fuck it?
Nah, it’s extinct mate.

Ken, 50: Ummm, an alligator. That’s kind of boring. Is it even a proper dinosaur? You can choose from extinct ones, too.
Oh, OK. I like the Diplodocus. I don’t know why. Just the name. I agree, it’s a sexy name. There is a DJ called Diplo, have you heard of him?
No. He’s not very sexy anyway.
What dinosaurs do you find sexy? Me? Oh, I like the woolly mammoth, actually. Although I guess it's not technically a dinosaur.
Why is that? Because it’s the only one with hair.
That we know of, there might be others. They’d have discovered them by now, Ken. It’s been millions of years. Jose, 25: Definitely a Velociraptor. Wow, you sound enthused. What is it about the Velociraptor that’s so sexy?
It’s small and sleek and it makes a screech like a girl when you’re having sex. Really? How do you know that?
It’s on Jurassic Park. Alex, 25, sales assistant: A Velociraptor. That’s sexy. The name is sexy. I don’t think it is. Did you know that all Velociraptors are male?
Really? That’s crazy. Is that why they all went extinct? Yes… No, I’m lying really.
Oh, you got me. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay. I bet some dinosaurs were. Sarah, 22: Barney! Barney was a dinosaur. And is he sexy?
No. He’s cute, and he’s my favourite colour, but he is really not sexy. What would Barney have to do to appeal to you sexually?
Well, I bet he’s rich, because he was on TV, so I’d go out on a date with him. That’s a bit shallow. What about his personality?
He was a knob. Wayne, 24: The one with the long neck. Which one? Brontosaurus?
Yeah, that one is sexy. And why is that?
It’s the long neck. It would be very useful. Can you elaborate?
Long-distance head! Hahaha. It’s dick is probably long, too! You could give distance head to it as well.
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