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We Asked People Queuing for the Supreme x Gucci Mane Shirt About Their Favourite Gucci Mane Crime

The streetwear brand just released their much-anticipated Guwop artist tee, so we went to meet some of the people waiting in line for a chance to buy it.

Yesterday, Supreme released one of their always highly-anticipated artist T-shirts, which this season features Gucci Mane wearing a Supreme box logo shirt and a sort of red sweater thing on his head. As always, there was a huge queue outside the London store, full of people eager to get their hands on the tee before it makes its way onto eBay for triple the price.

We thought it would be fun to go down and ask these big Gucci Mane fans a few big Gucci Mane questions: among others, what's their favourite Gucci song, what's their favourite Gucci crime, and is it true that the Gucci released from jail earlier this year is actually a clone?


What's your favourite Gucci Mane song, Tam?
Tam: "Half", innit. It's full of swear words, though – I can't really sing that to camera. I'll play you a little clip after, innit. But it's not really family suitable.

Do you have a favourite Gucci Mane tattoo?
The ice cream cone, innit. From when he was fat Gucci. That was iconic.

How did you feel about his early release from prison?
He's a clone, innit, so you don't really know what it is. Some people say he's a clone. Is he real? No one knows. He's very skinny now. So he might be.

It's pretty obvious, I think. Like, if your friend got out of prison all skinny you'd definitely assume they were a clone.
Yeah, I'd be like, "Why are you wham? No carbs or something? What's going on?"

And what's your favourite crime of his?
I don't really respect crime. I don't respect him for that.

Good answer, Tam.

VICE: Hey, what's your favourite Gucci Mane song?
Rayyan: Probably "Guwop" with Travis Scott. And "Last Time" [sings a bit of "Last Time"]. What else? His songs just coming out of prison. I want to get his T-shirts today, actually – the blue one and the white one and stuff.

I think you're only allowed to get one actually, sorry.
Ah, well I guess I'll have to find it online somehow.

I think they all sold out online within a minute too.
Resale prices are ridiculous too. I'd be willing to pay £150, max, for one. They're selling now for £40, so… Not everyone keeps them – most people try making money off them. They just stand in line for two hours and make a hundred pounds. By selling one T-shirt.


That's a pretty good hourly rate, to be fair.

Everett and Freddy

What are your favourite Gucci Mane songs, guys?
Freddy: I think "Lemonade" or "Coca Cola". It's about cocaine and stuff, cos that's what a rapper does.
Everett: I'm going to be biased and take something off the new album: "Pussy Print". It's got Kanye on it and he's my favourite artist. It's like "Pussy Print…" That's basically the whole song. It's my life.

How did you feel about him getting released from prison?
F: I feel good because he's a trap god. I'm so happy for him.
E: It's good because he's living well too. Everything's Gucci, you know?

But is he living well, or is he a government clone?
E: No comment.

Do you know something we don't know?
E: No comment.

Yemi and Alex

What's your favourite Gucci Mane song?
Yemi: I'd have to go with lemonade (sings it)

And do you have a favourite tattoo?
Alex: The ice cream one, innit.
Y: No, I like the chest bit.
A: Nah man, the ice cream looks sick, though.

Apparently people lick his ice-cream face tattoo.
Y: Do they? Nah, only bitches can be licking that shit. If man came up to me like, "Oh, let me lick that…" Hell no. Isn't he getting it removed now? A little bit of laser surgery or something.
A: It's just faded, though – I saw it the other day.
Y: That's jail time.

Yeah I've heard jail changes you.
A: It fades out your tattoos.

Do you think maybe it's because he's a government clone that they did the tattoos badly on?
Y: Nah. If they was gonna clone someone I don't think they would clone Gucci Mane. They'd clone someone better than Gucci
A: There's only one Gucci. He isn't a clone.


What's your favourite crime that he's committed?
A: How do you have a favourite crime?
Y: When the judge asked if he was guilty and he said, "Bitch I might be." Bitch I might be. He actually said that.
A: He killed that guy… but that was self defence.
Y: That's your favourite crime?
A: Man, he was fucking this chick and then they came in the bedroom and he just shot them.

[Alex was referring to the shooting of Henry Lee Clark III in 2005, after four men burst into the apartment of a woman Gucci was visiting. Gucci admitted to shooting at the men in self defence, before being charged with murder, but the district attorney dismissed the murder case as the prosecution could not disprove that he acted in self-defence]

Hey Simon, what's your favourite Gucci Mane song?
Simon: Trap house 3. I'm not going to sing the lyrics right now though, that's pretty embarrassing.

And your favourite Gucci Mane tattoo?
The ice cream on his face. It's dope – he talks about ice cream and he has one on his face. That's pretty lit.

Do you know if it's true that people keep trying to lick his face?
Apparently. A lot of people try to lick his face, I assume. That might be a cool thing to do if you're a girl who likes Gucci.

Would you like to lick his face?
Not really. I'd like to smoke with him, though – that's cool. But not lick his face.

Do you think he's a government clone?
That's bullshit. People like to talk shit and sell things. Sell their information. I don't know. He's not a government clone, just a new man with a lot of time on his hands.


What's your favourite crime that he committed?
I don't know. I have buddies in Atlanta who say that when Gucci is in jail, drugs are hard to find. That's pretty cool.

Cool! Thanks, Simon.

Hey Amric, what's your favourite Gucci Mane song?
Amric: I don't really listen to Gucci Mane, to be honest with you. It's just not my kind of music.

Why are you in a three hour queue for his T-shirt?
I'm here with my little brother.

Cute. Do you have a favourite tattoo of his?
I like the ice cream on his face.

How did you feel when he got out of prison?
He lost a lot of weight, didn't he?

Or did he get swapped out for a slightly fitter government clone?
A government clone? Yeah, I guess so.

Thanks, Amric!

What's your favourite Gucci Mane song?
Peaky: "Pills", probably. It's just classic Gucci. To be honest, though, I'm not that into him. He's an iconic figure, though.

Why are you in this queue then?
I'm just here for Supreme. The reason most people are here.

What's your favourite tattoo of his?
The ice cream cone. There's so many stories with it. Like people licking it and then getting birded off. Who knows what actually happened.

How did you feel when he got out of prison?
Do you know what, yeah? I didn't really take him seriously. I slept on him for a while, I thought he was too drugged up and too mad. But then obviously he gained everyone's respect and he seems mature now. A very intelligent guy.

Because he's so mature and different now from when he went into prison, do you think there's a possibility he's a government clone?
No, I think that's just human growth. Or a marketing ploy.


What's your favourite crime that he committed?
When Jeezy tried to burn him off or whatever, apparently he… These are weird questions, aren't they?

Yep! Thanks, Peaky.

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