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Getting Fruity with Juce

An interview and fashion shoot with London's latest girl group.

American Apparel body and top; American Apparel shirt, Bill + Mar dress; Paul and Joe jacket, vintage T-shirt, Urban Outfitters dungarees

Art Direction: Kylie Griffiths
Producer: Tabitha Martin
Hair: Terri Capon
Makeup: Crystabel Riley
Models: Juce
Interview: Jamie Clifton

Juce are Chalin, Cherish and Georgia. They play music that sounds like a beach party in 1981, look a bit like a Mizz cover from 1991 and make videos that remind you 2001 was just as much about girl bands doing synchronised head turns as it was about Daniel Bedingfield and Fred Durst. They also seem to wear black the vast majority of the time, so for this shoot we thought we’d compile the most colourful clothes we could find and take photos of the group wearing them. Here’s the chat we had after we were done doing that.


American Apparel shorts and top

VICE: First off, who’s your audience? Who do you see when you close your eyes and think of the hundreds of faces staring back at you?
Chalin: Everybody.
Cherish: You know the difference between Ren and Stimpy?
Georgia: We want both. The neurotic Chihuahuas and the soft, squishy cats. No, I personally really like it when young girls are into it, because when I was, like, 13, I loved girls who played instruments.
Chalin: I like the old musical Nazi men, just to mix it up a little bit – that’s fun as well.

Quay sunglasses, Lacoste top, Paul & Joe skirt, Happy Feet socks, Vagabond shoes; Quay sunglasses, Clio Peppait jacket, Rokit top, vintage skirt, Topshop socks, ASOS shoes; Quay sunglases, Joyrich bag, Gogo Philip jewellery, Motel top and shorts, Topshop socks, Urban Outfitters shoes

Talking of both those groups, it definitely seems like the tastemaker demographic – when it comes to music, at least – has shifted a bit from austere old men to cool young women.
Cherish: Yeah, I think it’s changing. But I think there’s always gonna be the big male dominant hand in the music industry.
Chalin: Well, across the board of creative arts, so many women are coming up and doing their thing, and it’s so amazing to see. We get to work with so many cool chicks.

Like who?
Chalin: We worked with Kate Moross on the “(H)ours” video, and that’s great. And just a load of our peers, who are doing their thing and being producers and running their amazing companies.
Georgia: Why do you think it is shifting, though?
Chalin: Because it’s the year of the matriarch!


Kim West Latex dress

What are your thoughts on London? Is it as shitty at the moment as people seem to think?
Chalin: I can understand that feeling because there’s been a massive change to the city over the past few years.
Georgia: I feel the opposite.
Chalin: No, but I can understand where it’s coming from, as in, like, “Everything’s so mainstream – blah, blah, blah.” But you can look at it like that, or you can just look at it with fresh eyes and enjoy everything that’s going on around you. Just have a nice time.
Cherish: Glasgow’s one of our favourites, though.

Paul & Joe jacket, vintage T-shirt; American Apparel top; American Apparel jacket, Bill + Mar dress

Were you up there on tour?
Georgia: We were doing a one-day festival thing, yeah. We just followed The Vamps around, trying to get them to sign our tits.

Nice. So let’s talk about fashion. How did you dress, growing up?
Chalin: I was, like, skater mixed with Erykah Badu mixed with crazy person for a long time. It was a mixture of kind of Wu Tang-inspired stuff and neo-soul stuff, so I wore 70s shirts with really, really baggy trousers.

Gillian Horsup at Grey's Antiques sunglasses, vintage T-shirt, Forever 21 skirt, Superga trainers

Criminal Damage trousers?
Definitely. I was the first one to get Criminal Damage in my school.
Cherish: I was really, really into the 60s. I had a little bob for about five years and it took me about a million years to grow my fringe out. I also dressed exactly like Nancy from Hollyoaks for a while. Then, actually, I went a little bit worse, like cyber-goth.
Chalin: Oh, talking of fringes, a couple of years ago we had a pretty heavy night and were all like, “Let’s get bangs!” But when I did it I realised I looked exactly like Rick James, but the Dave Chappelle version – like spot on.
Cherish: Yeah, he’s your celebrity doppelgänger.
Georgia: I haven’t known you two long enough for this embarrassing past, so I really enjoy going the other way on Facebook photos and being, like, “Oh my God!”


Kenzo shirt and trousers, Superga shoes; Gogo Philip earrings, Charlotte Simone scarf, Urban Outfitters dress; Ninety Fly jacket, ASOS top and skirt, Gilian Horsup at Grey's Antiques belt

Yeah, always go left on Facebook photos – you get to see the true them, with the frosted tips and Punky Fish jackets.
Always left! Never look at profile pictures – they’re the ones they want you to see.
Cherish: Always left on Tinder as well.
Chalin: Yeah, I went through a stage where, if I was bored, I’d go on Tinder and spend hours flicking through it until it sapped all my phone battery. It got a bit embarrassing when it flashed up, “There are no more people in your area.”
Cherish: Oh, more embarrassing stuff – what was it that you did to Georgia?
Chalin: I ate a marshmallow that Georgia had put in her nose, because it showed the strength of sisterhood between us. I’m quite OCD about stuff, so it was a big deal.

You passed the initiation.
Yeah, exactly.

Motel dress, Nike shoes; House of Holland dress, Auria London swimwear, Nike flip flops; Rokit T-shirt, House of Holland jeans, Topshop socks, River Island shoes

Cool, so when can people come and watch you play?
Cherish: We’re gonna put an EP out at the end of summer and do a few shows, I think – probably the Manchesters, Glasgows, Londons…
Georgia: I think we should support Bruno Mars, but apparently that’s quite hard to get on.
Cherish: I’d like to support Outkast. Me and the female bass player could have a bass-off.
Georgia: Me and André can have a face off…
Chalin: No! Me and André are having a face-off.
Cherish: Come on, if anyone’s having a face-off, it’s me.
Chalin: She’s so obsessed – during the photo-shoot she googled him and was like, “Oh my God, he’s a vegetarian… it’s so amazing!” I’m actually the vegan here, let’s just put it out there. No – that’s really embarrassing, sorry. But yeah, André 3000, if you’re out there, we want you. Big Boi, too!