Eddy Moretti

  • Charlie Kaufman

    Here’s an interview with the guy who wrote all those movies that you like.

  • Hell On Earth

    Simon Reeve is a real-deal immersionist. Back when the rest of the media was blowing our collective mind with hard-hitting coverage of the world wide web and blowjobs, Reeve was looking into why a bunch of Araby-types decided to park a bomb beneath

  • Journalism Beyond Journalists

    Robert Young Pelton used to run a major marketing firm and occasionally take a couple weeks off to go on little travel expeditions. Then one day he realized he was bored out of his mind and began sneaking his way into war-zones and other no-man's-lands...

  • Attaque Big Mac

    The flip side of being the most identifiable brand in the world is that you also become world's easiest target.

  • Tricky's on His Way with His Attache

    On April 20, 2001, sputnik7 and Palm Pictures are premiering a new ten-part drama called "We Deliver" that follows a fictitious weed delivery service, Green Acres, operating out of the Fat Beats record store in New York's West Village.

  • Literary

    FORTUNATE SON: GEORGE BUSH AND THE MAKING OF AN AMERICAN PRESIDENTAfter September 11 it might be difficult to write anything critical about the

  • Bada Bing!

    Fondly dubbed "rub'n'tugs" by their customers, the sex industry has never had such an amicable and palatable façade.