Lane Milburn

  • Envoy - 'Meeting the Prime Minister'

    In the final episode of Envoy, Jo Sparta finally gets to meet the prime minister of Lure. It turns out he's a scuzz.

  • Envoy – 'Market at City One'

    The citizens of City One are torn up inside and taking it out on each other. One dude has a laser whip. Everything looks like a Tunisian marketplace.

  • Envoy - 'In the Lab'

    Jo Sparta and Grak are in the lab being told about Arcadite, a desirable mineral. Grak eats a gross bug.

  • Envoy #2: Blowing Up Robot Sentries

    Sparta and her animal companion Grak are raiding weapons silos in a future wasteland.

  • Envoy - Part 1

    A lowly bounty hunter joins an envoy to a distant planet.