Ryan Duffy

  • Venezuelan Body Count

    Last year alone, Caracas had more violent deaths than Baghdad. VICE's Ryan Duffy traveled to Venezuela to investigate the country's crime epidemic.

  • Hezbollah's Propaganda War

    Touring the party of God's multi-million pound theme park.

  • Hezbollah's Propaganda War

    Hezbollah has built a multi-million dollar theme park celebrating its military victories over Israel.

  • For My Dead Homies

    We approach the Cementerio General del Sur in Caracas in the back of a cab with darkly tinted windows. Fourteen thousand people were murdered in Venezuela in 2010, and Caracas is widely regarded as one of the most violent cities in the world. The...

  • Colombian Devil's Breath

    VBS heads down to Colombia to dig into this Scopolamine story.

  • Cog Against The Machine

    Pissed Jeans do a lot of things that, on their own, could be deemed a bit much: yelping about silly stuff, a smidge of wankery, oppressive feedback everywhere. Fortunately, when these things are combined with aplomb and companioned with some prime-rib...