animal welfare

  • Hey, Stop Buying Tiny Dogs With Giant Heads

    Those smushy faced dogs we love are really bad at breathing—but we keep buying more and more of them. Vets need you to cut it out.

  • Meet the Florida Woman Fighting the Authorities to Keep Her Pet Gator

    "Rambo likes to be hugged," says Mary Thorn. "He's a big hugger. If you hug him, you've made his day, or if you scratch him right under the chin, you've got a new best friend."

  • It's Now Legal to Break Into Cars to Save Animals in Tennessee

    There's obviously some potential for abuse, but the idea is to provide the same protection to pets that the Volunteer State gave children stuck in hot cars last year.

  • The Psychology Behind Animal Hoarding

    Why is it that there are constant news stories about people who cage or cram hundreds of pets into their homes? Sometimes it's animal cruelty, but it could also be attributed to a specific mental illness.

  • Big Cats of the Gulf

    VICE travels to Kuwait to meet the big cat stars of Instagram and learn about the dangers of animal trafficking – for both the pets and their owners.