Inside a Mental Health Centre Aimed Exclusively at Musicians

Since it opened in 2000, Nuçi's Space has helped more than 1,700 musicians in times of mental need.


Athens Welcomed Obama with Molotov Bombs and Tear Gas

On Tuesday morning, Barack Obama arrived in Athens for his final foreign trip as president of the United States.


We Went to the Opening of Lindsay Lohan's New Pro-Refugee Nightclub in Greece

With nightclub LOHAN, Lindsay Lohan wants to thank Greece for welcoming so many refugees.


We Accompanied Refugee Children on Their First Day of School

This year, the bell also rung for the children of refugees living at the occupied City Plaza hotel in Athens.


Photos of Greek People Dealing with Their Heatwave

The fact that some people are more used to feeling the sun on their skin doesn't mean heatwaves don't often make them wish for snowstorms.


'We're Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place': Refugees in Greece React to the Attacks in Brussels

"We came to Europe to escape jihadists only to find they are ruining people's lives here too."


Riots Marked the 7th Anniversary of Alexandros Grigoropoulos' Death in Athens Last Night

Since December 2008, annual demonstrations are held in Greece to commemorate the teen's killing and protest police violence. Ironically, the protests often culminate in clashes between demonstrators and police.


Golden Dawn Has Accepted Responsibility for the Murder of Antifascist Rapper Pavlos Fyssas in 2013

Who the hell is going to vote for the far-right organisation in the upcoming Greek elections now? I contacted some political analysts to find out.


Greece Is So Much More Than Recession and Austerity Measures

Niko J. Kallianiotis' series, 'Motherland', shows a happier side of the country than the one we are used to seeing.


We Asked an Investment Specialist If Now Is a Good Time to Buy a House in Greece For Nothing

It's not a great idea and you're a terrible person.


We Partied with Defiant Greek 'No' Voters Last Night in the Streets of Athens

Here's how the capital city looked in the hours following the referendum result.