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This Computer Program Detects Cancer Earlier Than Ever – Without Surgery

CancerLocator could be used to pinpoint tumour locations even before symptoms arise, eliminating painful biopsies and increasing patient survival.
Knvul Sheikh
High Wire

Shrooms Could Make Cancer Patients Less Terrified of Death

Psilocybin can help cancer patients cope with depression and anxiety, according to two new US studies. But will President Trump fund research in what could be a revolutionary development in psychiatry?
Maia Szalavitz
Vice Blog

Andrew W.K. on Clarity

Not allowing ourselves to float aimlessly throughout life in a cloudy daze is an unquestionably hard challenge, but one we owe ourselves to face head on.
Andrew W.K.

Cracking the Cranial Vault: What It Feels Like to Perform Brain Surgery

It was my first time peeling down scalp and opening the skull of living human, a thrill unlike any other.
Dr. Rahul Jandial

I'm Bored Unless I'm Drunk, But Is That Actually a Problem?

I'm not an alcoholic, I just like getting buzzed as regularly as possible. So I tried to find an expert who'd tell me that was okay.
Julian Morgans
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Martin Shkreli Is Auctioning Off a Chance to Hit Him in the Face

If you have a mean backhand and an extra €70K laying around, just send the notorious pharma bro a DM and place a bid.
Matthew James-Wilson

This Globe-Trotting Brain Surgeon Says Doctors Are Doing Medical Missions Wrong

"You can't just go down there, drop some money, do a photo-op, and come back," Rahul Jandial says about doctors who travel to hospitals in poor countries.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Cocaine Is Reportedly Being Cut with a Painkiller That Increases Your Risk of Bladder Cancer

A new study has found that 65 percent of cocaine is cut with phenacetin.
Carlton Férment

Dmitrij Is Dying and Writes All About It on His Blog

The 25-year-old details his life with stage 4 cancer on his blog "Dying With Swag".
Stefanie Diemand

Photos of How Life Changes When Your 20-Year-Old Girlfriend Gets Cancer

What it's like to balance being a supportive partner with a documentarian, when your girlfriend starts chemotherapy.
Johnny Griffiths; Words: Yasmin Jeffery

What It’s Like to Get Breast Cancer As a 24-Year-Old Man

It's pretty awkward being a dude with a "female disease."
Kristen Domonell

A Young Person's Guide to Checking Your Breasts for Cancer

It's the most common cancer affecting women, with one in eight being diagnosed at some point in our lives.
Matilda Whitworth