• Ode on a Grecian Pile of Crap

    A brisk walk along Dionysiou Areopagitou and Panathinea streets, just ten minutes from the Acropolis, brings you to probably the crummiest neighborhood in all of Athens, Greece. The area is known as Tavros, and despite being caught in an almost...

  • TOXIC: Garbage Island

    Come aboard as the VICE crew takes a cruise to the Northern Gyre in the Pacific Ocean.

  • Trashpickin'

    Back when I was the only poor kid at a rich school, I would spend my midday breaks looking for the pricey cookies other kids had left lying around the huge athletic stadium.

  • Pile Of Shit

    I fucking hate that magazine Wallpaper*. Sad yuppies beating off to the impossibility that one day, they too may be rich enough to build a giant chrome sphere on top of a Spanish mountain.

  • What's Up with That?

    It is perhaps time to re-evaluate the standards of merit applied in the criticism of contemporary visual arts. Take painting, for example. It can be argued that the works of the established pantheon (your Picassos, Van Goghs and Matisses) simply do not...