• Bolivia Has a Fancy New Skatepark

    Skateboarding is about to be huge in La Paz.

  • Wobbling On A Corner In Winslow Arizona

    Levis® didn't build the railroads, the Irish and the Chinese did. But Levis® did outfit those laborers. The 501 jean was introduced just before completion of the Atlantic-Pacific route, the same route incidentally that our merry band has been rolling...

  • Mixed Mediums: Minneapolis

    UK based sculpture artist and illustrator travels to Minneapolis to team up with local print and design artist Arran Gregory. Together the two create a piece of work showcasing their talents through printed media and design.

  • Station to Station Is Planning Something in Kansas City

    There was a long gap between the Station to Station event in St. Paul, Minnesota and the Happening planned for Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the rumors started circulating around the train. No one I talked to knew anything concrete, but word was that Doug...

  • I Saved a Girl in the Disco Yurt at Station to Station's New York Debut

    I have a laminated pass with my named Sharpie’d on it. For some reason, people thinks this makes me important. Really, I’m just wandering around Riverfront Studios in Brooklyn, checking out the New York debut of Station to Station: a public art...

  • Mixed Mediums: Chicago

    London-based artist , Hannah Waldron meets Chicago street artist, Left Handed Wave to create a mural inspired by Hannah’s delicate patterns and Left Handed Wave’s signature character.

  • I'm About to Go Live on a Train with Famous People

    Welcome to Station to Station, a public art project by artist Doug Aitken has made a reality through Levi's. Through this collaboration, they will partner with iconic American brands & people that embody the pioneering spirit of America.

  • Catching Some of the Scenes and Sights of Glastonbury with Levi's

    Peruse some photos from us and our Levi's chums at last week's Glasto.

  • De Nimes

    Before we had low-rise, straight-leg, skinny or mum jeans, there was simply jean – the fabric.

  • Denim All Day

    Ten ways to wear jeans.

  • Vice Fashion - She Was Never Bored Because She Was Never Boring

    Photos by Jamie Taete Styling by Mischa Notcutt

  • Bribing With Blue Jeans

    Just how valuable ARE a pair of old black Levi's 550s and a fresh roll of Kleenex-brand two-ply toilet paper to today's deprived Muscovites? I recently hit the fanciest nightclubs in town to see how far I could get on the real cultural currency of...